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Expendables 3 and I am done with it :D

Finally, i am done with post production of Expendables 3. One actioned packed old school American Action movie. August 15th at the cinemas,

And here is a link to Whome has not seen the trailer Yet




Joined the MudBox Challenge Armed and Dangerous

Joined the MudBox Challenge Armed and Dangerous

Here is the Concept by Valeri Petkov, you can find his link at the links section

and below is a wip basemesh

and this is the first mudbox Update





















a little bit of texturing update











Water and Transparent Materials with Mia_X


Mia X shader granted with correct use can give very convincing results, to the right is an image I rendered by only using a HDR map and FG without lights.

The Result is very satisfactory.

I will be uploading a How To Shortly for this render as well.

Mental Ray Mip_matteshadow

Background shader does not work with FG on in Mental Ray, That is why we have given a better option for CG and Live plate solutions from mental ray, and thats is nothing but mip_matteshadow.

Tomorrow, I will be adding a small Tutorial on how to make the image below,  nothing fancy, but gets the job done.

Take Care;

Hello World,

”Hello World” is a bit cliche for a start but for who studied IT or if you are interest in programming , it is a phrase where it all starts.

My name is Timucin (Tim) and I am a 3D artist, working for a VFX company, mostly doing work for syfy quality movies.

How do we always watch ILM making Transformers and The Foundry does a presentation about it and we watch it while drooling. Cos they work on a movie for 2 maybe 3 years, for the time spent on pre production, in companies like I work at, we finish movies.

Funny eh? In my blog I will be sharing some of those tips and tricks to get the job quick at required quality.

Then I will get you guys some more advanced stuff.

Tornadoes, 2012 like city destructions all  in depth…


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