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Mental Ray Mip_matteshadow

Background shader does not work with FG on in Mental Ray, That is why we have given a better option for CG and Live plate solutions from mental ray, and thats is nothing but mip_matteshadow.

Tomorrow, I will be adding a small Tutorial on how to make the image below,  nothing fancy, but gets the job done.

Take Care;


Hello World,

”Hello World” is a bit cliche for a start but for who studied IT or if you are interest in programming , it is a phrase where it all starts.

My name is Timucin (Tim) and I am a 3D artist, working for a VFX company, mostly doing work for syfy quality movies.

How do we always watch ILM making Transformers and The Foundry does a presentation about it and we watch it while drooling. Cos they work on a movie for 2 maybe 3 years, for the time spent on pre production, in companies like I work at, we finish movies.

Funny eh? In my blog I will be sharing some of those tips and tricks to get the job quick at required quality.

Then I will get you guys some more advanced stuff.

Tornadoes, 2012 like city destructions all  in depth…