Hello, My name is Timucin but I am more often called Tim as it is a lot easier for my friends to pronounce. I actually, until I was 32 yo never made money out of CG but have been always a hobbyist since the early days of CG softwares could run at home pcs, in my case 3Ds R4 (Dos).

Studied at Australia Business and IT and continued my life as a businness manager at a Bronze Foundry until I decided to become a CG artist. Luckily I kept developing my skills for 3D software until the decision for Career change so I was not in big trouble to find a job.

I made this blog to share my experience and knowledge on mostly Maya and Special effects.

Currently employed at a movie studio in Bulgaria/Sofia mostly working for Sci-Fi channel B movies. Meanwhile trying to create a nice portfolio for a big feature movie position.

I have two lovely kids and a wife. I would like to thank my wife who had always motivated me to become an CG artist rather than an industrialist.

Thanks for reading…

Timucin Ozger


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